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Parent Information

The support of parents and guardians is highly valued by the college. 

We do everything possible to ensure that students entering the college for the first time feel welcome and that their transition from school is made as smooth as possible. In return we expect all our students to contribute to the friendly atmosphere in the college by showing consideration and respect for others.  

The college values all its members equally and does not tolerate discrimination, bullying or harassment of any kind.

Sudden College Closure 

If we experience very bad weather conditions i.e. heavy snow, the college may be closed. Staff and students will be notified by text or email and there will be a message posted on this website.

Data Protection 

Havering Colleges will process a range of information about our students. This will commence with the processing of application forms and continue throughout the student's time with us. We will do this in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018 and the college's own Data Protection Policy.


The college will automatically enter and pay for students for examinations in all their subjects providing they fulfil certain obligations, such as attending lessons, completing work and submitting coursework on time. If any examination is a 're-take' of one taken previously, students will be asked to pay the fee. 

For students who miss examinations the consequences can be serious. The student will bear the cost of the missed examination and departments are unlikely to be able to offer the same level of support to the student in terms of revision. 

Students are reminded via the student intranet, emails and notices around college that they should not leave bags containing valuables outside examination venues. The college cannot accept responsibility for any lost or stolen items that have been left unattended. 

Any queries regarding examinations should be directed to the Examinations Office.