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Supporting You

We will support you through your studies in a variety of ways. 

We give you support from the start with an excellent application, interview and enrolment process. 

We give you support throughout your studies with your own personal coach (16 to 18-year-olds) who will track and monitor your progress.  

Adult students have access to a learning support team who can assist with all your support needs.

We also give you support for when you leave college through our careers service so that you can find the right university, apprenticeship or employment. 

16-19 Tuition Fund

New City College is committed to supporting learners so that they can achieve their full potential. We have a £1.3 million additional tuition fund.

We are using this fund to:

  • Support learners who have not achieved grade 5 in English & or Maths by age 16
  • Support these learners in small groups of  3-5, above and beyond their standard lesson time
  • Provide extra revision and skill based sessions in small groups for those who most need it
  • Give additional support to individuals and small groups within lessons, with a particular focus on those who would most benefit