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Student Support/Services


Every 16 to 18-year-old student in college is part of a coaching group that meets weekly for mutual support, advice and guidance.  The coach establishes a close working relationship with their small group of students through weekly meetings and one-to-one appointments within those meetings.  Progress is reviewed, targets are set and the coach will help their students to access all the support they need. 

Additional support is also available for: 

  • general or specific learning difficulties 
  • deaf or hearing impaired 
  • blind or visually impaired 
  • medical needs and physical disabilities 
  • literacy and numeracy needs 
  • social, emotional and mental health needs 
  • exam access arrangements 

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Team (SEND) 

The College SENCO and SEND team work alongside students with specific requirements in the following ways: 

  • Supporting smooth transitions, including work around EHCPs 
  • Specialist interviews (in conjunction with senior staff members) 
  • Assistance with movement around the College 
  • Classroom support, such as note taking 
  • The purchase and maintenance of specialist equipment 
  • Assistance with personal needs if required 
  • Enrichment activities to support preparation for adulthood 
  • Accompanying students on trips 
  • Ensuring special arrangements for examinations 
  • Liaison between tutors, coaches, support staff, parents and external agencies