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Students raise £600 to help educate youngsters in Sierra Leone

A fantastic sum of £600 was presented to EducAid Director Miriam Sesay who visited College to give an insight into the lives of young people living in Sierra Leone.

Miriam, who has been awarded an MBE for her outstanding contribution to education and charitable work in the African country, has been at the helm of EducAid since 1998, helping the very poorest children gain access to an education.

She was thrilled with the money raised by generous students who took part in RAG (Raise and Give) Week activities, Black History Month and gave donations from their book deposits.

Since Miriam moved to Sierra Leone in 2000, EducAid – which is the College’s nominated international charity - has built and developed a network of successful schools and she said the £600 would pay to educate three children for a full year.

She spoke of the struggles of living and teaching in a developing country such as Sierra Leone, where there is political corruption, very little infrastructure, poor internet connection and a lack of clean water.

Miriam said: “This money really does make a difference. Every penny goes towards the education of an oppressed child. We are trying to give people a chance to live like humans.”

Asked by one student what else can be done, Miriam replied: “We only have one life. We need to care more, we need to give a damn, we need to do something significant with our lives and we all need to be more accountable. We need more humanity to fight the problems for those people who are so desperately poor.”

Pictured, top, is Miriam receiving the cheque from the College’s Learning Plus Officer Claire Hackett, with students Joseph Howes and Grace Clifford.