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Jack Petchey honours for students making a difference to the College community

Six deserving students have received Jack Petchey Achievement Awards for showing kindness towards others despite difficulties in their own lives and for the positive impact they have had on the College community.

Also honoured with a Jack Petchey Leader’s Award was Creative Arts Faculty Technician Anneliese Attack for her dedicated support of young people and for always going the extra mile to help with various College projects. Annaliese has spent the money she received on a £750 sandblaster used in our design technology courses.

The winning students were selected by the College Council from a number of very worthy nominations for the awards.

The students were:

Larry Mikolaitis

Larry has been an asset to the Performing Arts Faculty and has gone above and beyond what is expected of him as a student. He created set designs for the Grease production, organised rehearsals and took a leading role in the organisation of students which took up much of his spare time. Nothing is too much trouble for him and he is always polite and courteous to everyone.

Holly Lawrence-Webb

Holly is an extremely brave individual who has coped with health issues and bereavement but she continues to attend and work very hard at College. Holly has always fought against adversities and aims for a career in Nursing and Midwifery because she wants to help others, even though she has to care for herself alongside managing college work. She is loyal and caring and deserves to be rewarded.

Megan Hennessey

Megan has continued to try her best and has overcome various problems despite a number of issues related to bullying in her past. She has recently been able to stand up and speak up to get past this barrier in her life. She never gives up on anything and has also taken part in lots of volunteer work for her local community.

Jade East

Jade has made an outstanding effort to achieve in all her college studies despite facing difficulties in her personal life. Her tutors nominated her because of her work ethic and for always trying her best. She never complains even though she has had to cope with tough situations at a young age.

Peace Obi

Peace was nominated by two staff members from The CUBE careers service and was selected by the Student Council for her drive and determination to secure future success in her life. She has represented herself and our College exceptionally well with local employers during her work experience and has been so successful that a number of employers have asked her to return.

Samuel Bygrave

Samuel had to adjust to moving to a completely new area from the north of England and starting college with no friends - and he coped with these changes incredibly well, despite having difficulties in his personal life. He has excellent attendance at College and always engages in class and goes out of his way to help others. He is pictured with Reporter Ryan Tute, from the Romford Recorder.


The winning students all received a framed certificate and £250 to be spent on a project of their choice which will benefit the College or young people.

Ian Budge, Associate Principal for Learner Resource, Culture and Behaviour, said: “We are proud to honour these students who are a credit to the College. It was a tough decision for the College Council because there were so many worthy nominations, but the successful winners thoroughly deserve recognition.

“The Jack Petchey Achievement Award scheme enables our College to recognise, reward and celebrate the achievements of students who have contributed to the College or local community in a significant way. Whether this be through overcoming personal adversity, volunteering to help others or showing great dedication, for example, to sport, music or art, we want to applaud this.”