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GCSE Results Day – making sense of the new grading system

In the light of GCSE results nationally, we will treat GCSE Grade 4s as C grades. We are also currently reviewing our entry criteria.  Students should come to their enrolment interviews and discuss their options as we always take a holistic view of students applying to us.

For the first time ever in England, English Language, English Literature and Mathematics GCSEs are now graded 9-1 (with 9 highest) rather than the old style A*-G.

The replacement of the alphabetical system (8 grades) with the numerical system (9 grades) means that a 7 is equivalent to an A and a 4 is equivalent to a C. Grades 8 and 9 are both equivalent to A* which makes direct comparisons with previous years difficult, although exam boards are reporting that this year’s results are broadly consistent with last year.

National achievement information published today, however, does show a slight drop overall in GCSE passes across all subjects, with more significant changes in the numerically graded subjects.

We are awaiting news from Havering Council that will give us the borough picture, but we are currently reviewing our published entry criteria, including Average Points Score.  Our general entry to a Level 3 programme (A Levels or Advanced BTEC) remains as 5 GSCE Grade Cs or equivalent and we will treat Grade 4 as a C Grade.  Entry criteria varies from subject to subject, however, and courses will be reviewed on an individual basis.

At Havering Sixth Form College, we treat every student as an individual.  We always look at the grade profile of every student and take into account not only their qualifications but also their interests and skills when giving the IAG (Information, Advice and Guidance) to determine the study programme that meets their needs and aspirations whilst offering a realistic chance of success.

The published entry criteria is always used, therefore, as a basis for discussion but with a holistic view taken of each student.


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