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Virtual reality brings students’ work to life

A high-tech virtual reality experience was on offer for students to try in the Quad on Wednesday 6th December, run by the Science and Engineering course staff and students.

Using a special headset and hand controllers, students were able to immerse themselves in another ‘world’ where they could teleport themselves from one point to another and pick up items from a shelf to examine.

The experience was devised by the College’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) technician Curtis Oliver. He set up a ‘room’ in virtual reality and placed the Engineering students’ work on a shelf. The students were then able to pick up and inspect the projects they had created on a computer and see them in 3D through the virtual reality headsets.

Curtis said: “Virtual reality education of this kind is so useful for students because it enabled them to see their work and view their prototypes in real space and then make adjustments if needed before creating and printing them on our 3D printers.”

He added: “It was also used by Science students who were able to examine the structure of DNA models using a real protein data bank. This is the latest in technology and it will be used more and more in education in the future.”

College students who tried the virtual reality headset when Curtis set it up for general use in the Quad were amazed by the experience, with one saying it was ‘mind blowing’.


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