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Twelve students elected in College Council ballot

The new student College Council has been announced after votes were verified and counted following an election. 

Students who stood as candidates prepared a manifesto, including information about themselves and what they would be able to offer to others within the College community if they were elected.

On the day of the election there was a ballot box in the College Atrium and a board displaying each candidate’s manifesto.

Students were able to vote for one lower sixth candidate and one upper sixth candidate.

The following 12 students were elected and are now members of the College Council:

Lower 6th

Fatima Akuji: “I will put my all into College Council and give it my 100% effort. I will try my absolute hardest to not only have students’ opinions heard, but to also organise events.”

Ayokunle Ayorinde: “I want to be a leader in College and have responsibility. I am a people person and I can be the voice of the students.”

Sadia Begum: “My goal is to make the College an enjoyable environment for all students and teachers. I want to create a balance between learning and fun.”

Serpil Capar: “I feel I have a lot to offer and I will enjoy the challenge. I am a good debater so I will make sure none of the issues will go unheard.”

Alex Free: “I like being able to make a change for the better to help students succeed and thrive. I want to make their time in College positive and beneficial.”

Elizabeth Lewis: “I take pride in helping to improve the mental well-being of others and I have been told I have a positive mind-set and aura which helps keep a peaceful environment.”

Upper 6th

Joshua Fitzgerald Hoskins: “I believe in change for the better and wish to do everything I can to help those in need.”

Carie Howells: “I offer open ears and an open mind. I’m ready to listen to students and express their viewpoints to make this a College that people enjoy attending.”

Ahmed Ibrahim: “I want to ensure that the student voice is heard at decision-making level and I will help push through the ideas and opinions of the students of this College.”

Kieron Innis-Anthony: “I want to make positive changes to the College and I hope future students will hear about our College and find it appeals to them.”

Monika Motekaitye: “My priority is to respect everyone no matter what their national or racial status is and to make everyone feel appreciated in the College community.”

Femi Osibemekun: “I want to make the College a better place for students – I want to make our voices heard on issues that affect everyone.”

Council positions have yet to be decided.

Student Behaviour and Culture Officer Lewis Russell said: “I would like to thank all the candidates who stood in the election for the time and effort they put into preparing their manifesto.”


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