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Labour wins College mock election

Election fever gripped students at Havering Sixth Form College as the nation took to the polls on Thursday May 7th.

The College held its own mock election with students voting for the party they would most like to see gain power at Westminster.

Labour wins College mock election | May 2015

Hundreds of students took time to put their X on the voting slip and post it in the ballot box.

The results were very different from the national poll where the Conservatives won a slim overall majority. In College, the Labour Party was the choice of the students and the Green Party came in second.

The full results of the Mock Election, which was organised by the College’s Learning Plus team, were as follows:

Labour – 156 Votes (50.4%)
Green – 65 Votes (21%)
Conservative – 50 Votes (16.1%)
UKIP – 32 Votes (10.3%)
Lib Dem – (1.9%)