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Jack Petchey Awards for students who have made a difference

Deserving students have received Jack Petchey Achievement Awards for standing up for others despite difficulties in their own lives - and for the positive impact they have had on the College community.

The three winning students were selected by the College Council from a number of very worthy nominations.

The winners were Samantha Rogers, Caragh Scurr and Ashleigh Christie.

Samantha was nominated by Waseeuddin Rafid for overcoming adversity and for helping others to feel more confident in their sexuality. He said because of Samantha, many students now felt less isolated and a valid part of the College and wider society, which has helped greatly with their mental well-being.

Caragh was nominated by Lorraine Barnett for her contribution to a staff presentation on Autism. She stood up in front of over 70 people to speak about what it is like for someone to be autistic and as a result, College staff are now better equipped to support learners with Autism. Caragh also works in the local community as a young Ambassador for The Sycamore Trust to encourage a more autism friendly environment.

Ashleigh, nominated by Ian Budge, has coped with some extremely difficult circumstances in her personal life but has got through very hard times with her resilient and determined attitude. While she was dealing with these issues, her attendance at College has been excellent, as has her application, engagement, and progress.

The winning students all received a framed certificate and £250 to be spent on a project of their choice which will benefit a group of young people.

Ian Budge, Associate Principal for Learner Resource, Culture and Behaviour, said: “We are proud to honour these students who are a credit to our College. It was a tough decision for the College Council because there were so many worthy nominations, but the successful winners thoroughly deserve recognition.”