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Students tackle the internet bullies

Creative Arts & Media students have launched a Byte the Bully campaign urging teenagers to seek help as soon as they are under attack from internet trolls.

The students created the campaign as part of their Media Production BTEC Diploma and hope it will make young people more aware of the devastating consequences of cyber bullying.

Students tackle the internet bullies | January 2015

The students made a video and a website, and gave away leaflets, badges and balloons during an information day at College to publicise the campaign.

Jess Wood and Katie Perry devised the idea. Jess said: “The number of young people who are subjected to cyber bullying via social networking sites, emails or text messages is in the millions, and our research has shown that victims of cyber bullying are much more vulnerable to self harming and low self esteem. This can also affect achievement at school or college.”

Katie added: “We wanted to create a campaign that had an effect on the lives of ordinary students everywhere and even if just a few young people are made aware of the possible consequences of cyber bullying, it will be worthwhile.”

Media Production Tutor Brian Martin said the information day held in College was very well received. “The students have really engaged with the idea of this campaign. It’s relevant to the problems faced by many of them today and the Media Production course gives them the opportunity to help solve problems from the real world.”