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Developer Tom’s app ‘echoes’ across the USA

Former Havering Sixth Form College Computing student Tom Coomer is making his mark in the digital industry as a respected app and software developer.

Tom, 19, from Hornchurch, has been contracted by an American company to help create an app called EchoX - a ‘social tool’ which aims to encourage people to talk less and become better listeners.

As well as EchoX, Tom has developed many other apps which are all available to download from the Apple App Store and is working with local businesses to create websites and software for their specific needs.

He said: “I first became interested in computing and software when I was younger and was playing games on the iPod Touch. My interest in developing apps and programmes just grew from there.

“My family are all self-employed so they helped me set up my own business when I was 16 and it has grown from strength to strength.

“I am now producing software for companies to convert their paperwork onto digital forms, which increases productivity, saves money and is environmentally friendly.

“I have also developed a digital stock control system for businesses and I have produced software to support the release of a digital magazine called 'South of France Magazine' which was launched this year at The France Show at Olympia in London.”

The most popular app that Tom has developed is called Reaction Timer Game which is an addictive test of skill and timing. Also a favourite is GoRide, a motorcycle safety app that detects falls and accidents.

Another app that he says is perfect for students is called Perri. This is a simple money tracker app which helps users to keep on top of their spending, especially when taking the next step into University life.

Tom’s other apps include Copy Parrot, Somethingelsie, Typr, Eddie, Volez, 10, Shoot, Pickout, Passout, Bag of Laughs, Masterword, Teek, France, Wallpapers and 5ive+ Smoothies.