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Students’ enterprising idea is a great success

Students used their initiative and business acumen to organise a car wash event for staff at the College as part of their Understanding Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Business course.

The students worked hard putting together a business plan, organising teams, selling the service to clients, publicising the event and investing their own money in equipment and cleaning products.

Project managers Jeanette Faustino and Aston Wade selected employees from their class to join their teams and then organised appointments for staff cars.

The students washed a total of 30 vehicles and made £195 profit during the three-day event. The project managers divided the earnings between all their workers, based on hours worked and number of sales made. Some students donated their earnings to charity while others kept it to reinvest into another business.  

Enterprise and Entrepreneurship course leader Ruksar Akhtar said that running micro business events like the car wash gave students essential skills that many employers look for, such as communication, confidence, financial capability, initiative, organisation, problem-solving, teamwork and resilience.

Ruksar said: “The micro business idea was planned by students to complement their enterprise curriculum and focus on building the key skills sought after by employers. The event was a great success for both our students and staff.”

One teacher who was a client said: “The students did a great job of cleaning my car and the event was well organised.” Another said: “I was very impressed. They did a brilliant job, very thorough and professional.”