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Helping Your Son or Daughter to Succeed

All students have been sent a very clear message this week about how to succeed. They will also be discussing this with their coach this week.

There is a simple formula to succeed at Havering Sixth Form College. Success means achieving target grades or better and progressing to a great job or University.

The formula is:  Attend 100% + 15 hours minimum study per week = Success

All students should be doing this now. Attendance rates are high this year, so we have high hopes for student success. If your son or daughter is struggling to complete 15 hours a week of study they should ask their teacher what else they can do and talk to their coach about how to plan their time.

Most students will have mocks the week beginning 13th March, so it is time to start revising for those. BTEC students will have multiple pieces of coursework to do, to get Distinction grades they will need to put in the extra hours!

Your son or daughter should enjoy their work but learning works best when it is challenging, so they should really push themselves to do the difficult stuff and learn the aspects of the syllabus that they are struggling with.

It would be helpful if you could discuss this with your son or daughter, you might find this document helpful.