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New Parents' Message

It has been a great pleasure welcoming all  the new students to Havering Sixth Form College. They have all attended an  assembly with myself and Paul Nutter (Deputy), where we shared with them the challenge that lies ahead and the ways they can ensure success. We have also issued them all with a starter pack to help them.

Your son/daughter will experience complex and demanding work which will stretch them. They will need to use  the time that they are not in lessons productively.

This will be a challenge as this is the first time that your son/daughter will experience study periods where they are responsible for planning the use of their own time.   Students should be planning to do at least 15 hours of study a week  outside of class (this would be 5 hours per A Level for a 3 A Level student). Please help your son/daughter to plan  when they will do this. They will probably want to do some at college and some at home.  I will write to you all soon enclosing a copy of your son/daughter's timetable. Please keep this at home so that you can be aware of when they should be in lessons. You could also use their timetable to help them plan their study time.


It would be lovely to see you there so that we can explain in more detail how we can work together to ensure that your son/daughter achieves and  progresses.


Yours sincerely


Paul Wakeling