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Spring Term

The Spring Term is an important time with a number of key milestones for your son/daughter. This includes coursework deadlines, mock exams and many subjects finishing their syllabuses in order to allow for revision next term.

We know that It is a time when your son/daughter may feel under great pressure and they will need to balance academic studies with the other demands on their time very carefully. The College provides much support and additional activity at home is proven to help.

Top tips for Parents/Guardians include:

  • Make sure your son/daughter is at every lesson possible. Missed work is generally more of a loss than made-up work is a gain! There is no substitute for attendance.
  • Keep in touch with us. Comments, progress and information can all be found in 'Pro-Monitor' which can give you a good foundation for conversation with your son/daughter.
  • Be flexible with praise and pressure – use the 80/20 rule. If your son/daughter is sticking to what they are supposed to be doing 80% of the time, they will be doing well!
  • Teenagers often take an all or nothing ‘catastrophic’ approach to difficulties – "I’ve messed up this essay, I might as well give up." Encourage them by helping them to see their difficulties in perspective.
  • Make time every day to talk with your son/daughter about the day’s activities. Let them know you value their education and their achievement.

In the week beginning 26th February formal lessons are postponed for mock exams for students on an A Level GCSE and some BTEC programmes. Those students on some BTEC courses will also be expected to attend some sessions during this week and details will be given to them by their teachers

The dates for this term’s key assessments are the 9th February and 29th March’

I wish your son/daughter every success this term.