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Summer Term Preparation

Welcome back from your Easter break. Most of you have exams in the summer term (either your formal end of qualification exams or summer mocks) and there are only a few weeks to go before they begin.  You must now plan your time to ensure that you do sufficient work to be successful. Some ideas you should consider are:

  • Thinking about how you need to improve following your spring term mock
  • Reducing your hours of your part time job
  • Keeping a balance between your social life and academic work
  • Making sure you have a healthy diet and get enough sleep

Look at your college timetable and plan the work you are going to do in your study periods and at weekends. Make sure that you identify specific topics to study. Use past papers to identify topics that have been examined before and attempt to answer the questions. When in College use the study areas to work in the Library, IT Centre or  Quad. Many subject areas also have an identified study space.

The heart of good revision should be doing the things you need to do in the exam. This includes solving problems, writing short answers and planning & writing essays. You need to test yourself on what you are expected to do in exams. Talk to your teachers about good revision techniques in that subject.

This final  push is only for a short period of time, make a commitment to your studies and work hard so that you achieve the best results you can. Lower 6th students should be aware that your summer term assessment result (mock) will inform your UCAS predicted grade.

All the staff at Havering Sixth Form College wish you well in your exams - whether they be the end of your studies here or your mid-way mock -  and we are here to support you to succeed.