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Key Assessment 2

On Friday 18th January we will be publishing Key Assessment 2. This key assessment will give you an indication of how well your son/daughter is progressing at College and whether they are meeting their target grades.

We have reminded your son/daughter that they should be working with their Coach and subject teachers in identifying approaches to their studies which will lead to their highest performance.

Your son/daughter should be doing at least an additional  5 hours of study per week in each of their subjects including revision in preparation for Assessment Week.

Some key dates to note:

  • Friday 18th January Key Assessment 2 published
  • Tuesday 12th February Parents’ Evening
  • Monday 25th February College Closure
  • Week beginning 11th March Assessment week

Successful students are those that have a balanced lifestyle studying hard but making sure they eat properly, get enough sleep and have a social life!

Wishing you all the very best for 2019

Paul Wakeling