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Strategic Objectives

The core business of Havering Colleges Sixth Form is Teaching and Learning and the improvement of this is a key focus in our Strategic Objectives.

To ensure the delivery of an outstanding experience for staff and students with outstanding college finances and facilities.

Teaching, Learning & Assessment
To develop a learning culture in which staff and students make maximum progress.

Quality and Innovation
To drive continuous improvement in all aspects of the College.

Progression and Inclusion
To establish safe and inclusive practices for all, with students well-prepared for the future.

The College believes that by consistently working towards these objectives it will become outstanding. Each year the College develops an Operational Plan, with specific targets that ensures progress towards achieving these Strategic Objectives.

Educational Objectives and Values

Our students and staff will participate in an education that helps them to:

  1. Become better learners with a commitment to lifelong learning;
  2. Enter and enjoy the world of ideas and communities of practice and to take responsibility for their own involvement in their education;
  3. Grow and adapt including the development of moral seriousness with which to shape future choices and relationships;
  4. Become independent, critical thinkers with the competence to make decisions about the future and a sense of responsibility for the community;
  5. Achieve and progress including the development of practical capability as well as acquiring the knowledge and understanding necessary for the intelligent management of life.


At our most recent OFSTED Inspection in October 2018 we were awarded the grading of Good. Some of the key strengths identified were that we have established a strong culture of improvement at the College; that the large majority of students make good progress; we have established excellent partnerships within the local community; leaders and managers have put effective strategies in place to improve the quality of teaching, learning and assessment, which is now good; students enjoy their studies, are highly motivated to learn and work diligently during lessons; students benefit from well-resourced learning environments and a very high proportion of students progress into further education, higher education or employment.